January's CAN (Chemistry-enabled Albumin Nanoparticle) Therapeutics Platform

January's CAN platform is premised on the finding that albumin-based nano-formulations can substantially enhance a product's therapeutic index. 

Using the proprietary CAN platform, January's scientists can modify the chemistry of drug classes with diverse mechanisms of action. These modifications enable albumin encapsulation resulting in a stable, albumin-drug nanoparticle.

Albumin-bound API has the potential to clinically reduce off-target toxicity, bypass known cancer resistance mechanisms, and increase the therapeutic index thereby exhibiting superior PK and tumor uptake 

The CAN technology is applicable to many classes of drugs with diverse mechanisms of action, providing both composition of matter and composition of formulation patent coverage.

Albumin Nanoparticles

• Albumin is a naturally occurring protein that distributes nutrients throughout the body

• Tumors are highly metabolic and require excess nutrients for growth

• Tumors have specific albumin uptake mechanisms and utilize albumin as a nutrient source

• The January Therapeutics platform takes advantage of that increased metabolism to deliver drugs directly and preferentially to the tumor


Commercially proven

The ability to transform commercially-validated therapeutics has previously been proven to be a successful approach.

In 2005, the FDA approved nab paclitaxel, a combination of albumin bound to paclitaxel which resulted in enhanced delivery of drug to target cells*

*Celgene acquired nab paclitaxel in the 2009 acquisition of Abraxis BioScience for $2.9B