transforming Gem

The objective of the JNTX-101 program is to transform the well understood but highly problematic drug gemcitabine into a more effective and less toxic NCE/nanoparticle that exhibits an enhanced ability to bypass known resistance mechanisms and provides increased tumor uptake. Additionally, with the use of specific nanoparticles, January's scientists are aiming to reduce the off-target toxicity associated with gemcitabine.

Well-Characterized and De-Risked

Gemcitabine is widely used and recognized by inclusion on the World Health Organization's 'List of Essential Medicines'. It has a well understood mechanism of action, with toxicities that are well defined but often dose-limiting. Gemcitabine is use to treat several cancer types, including pancreatic, breast, ovarian, NSCLC, and bladder.

New Chemical Entity (NCE)

January's CAN platform has transformed gemcitabine into JNTX-101, containing a New Chemical Entity (NCE) with composition of matter coverage